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Research and Innovation

LIONS C.G.A. invests in research and development with the view of offering innovative cement grinding admixtures aiming to aid customer cement plants to increase cement hourly output, improve cement quality, reduce energy consumption, and reduce production costs.

Benefits And Values

Reduce Cost

Reduce the grinding energy consumption in a way to lower the cement production cost.


Under the same condition, without any additional equipment and manual force, enhance the cement output while reducing the electricity consumption.


Optimize grain size distribution thus optimize or increase the strength of cement.

Reduce Waste

Reduce the wastage of the balls and liners inside the grinding mill.


Diminish agglomeration, improve separating efficiency, increase fluidity of fine particles and advance fineness of cement pellets.


Avoid formation of coating on balls and liners, increase grinding efficiency.

Quality Control

Our Company is fully owned by Lions C.G.A. Building Materials Limited of Hong Kong. The production of Lions C.G.A. products follows the Hong Kong mode of management. The institutionalized managing style guarantees the long-ranged stability of our product as well as the excellent omnibearing technical supporting service.

"The experienced technical professionals of Lions C.G.A. are fully committed to serving our client’s needs with high-quality technical supporting services."