LIONS C.G.A. Building Materials limited

The Expert In Cement Grinding Admixture

Company Profile

Lions C.G.A. Building Materials Limited (Jiangmen) is fully owned subsidiary of Lions C.G.A. Building Materials Limited of Hong Kong and is a specialized supplier of cement grinding admixture for the cement industry in China.

Company Emphasis

  • Environmentally Friendly 
  • Reliable Product Quality
  • Persistent Technical Advancement
  • Remarkable Technical Support

Function of Cement Grinding Admixture

LIONS C.G.A. enhances cement properties quantitatively and qualitatively.  

The basic principle of cement grinding aid (C.G.A.) is to actively disperse all the cement particles in the grinding mill by eliminating and avoiding the adsorption of static charges between particles.  LIONS C.G.A. avoids adhesion of particles on surfaces of balls and liners inside the mill, which greatly increases the break up probability of cement pellets.

Our Commitment

"The experienced technical professionals of LIONS C.G.A. are fully committed to serving our client's needs with high-quality technical supporting services. "